Strategy 2016.-2020.

Based on its declared vision and mission, on the positive elements of its development, on the consideration of changes in the environment, and anticipating future changes, Effectus University College – a higher school for finance and law – has confirmed three strategic goals and elaborated a development program in the document Strategic Framework 2016-2020.

While setting its strategic goals for 2016-2020,  Effectus recognized that it had successfully achieved the goals that had been defined in the Strategic Framework 2011-2015. During that time, Effectus built a unique study program that linked the disciplines of finance and law, a model for instruction based on academic excellence and which is recognized for its small class sizes and interactive instruction and its continuing efforts to transfer practical knowledge and experience. These academic activities are sustained by a high quality and professional business organization, which has resulted in the school’s recognition and position on the market as a unique and respected higher education institution in the Republic of Croatia. In addition, despite the difficult economic circumstances facing all of society, Effectus successfully achieved all of the goals set for the period 2011-2015 in which it relied on and was guided by its longer term goals:

  • to establish new standards of quality and academic success that can serve as a benchmark for other academic institutions in Croatia and the region.
  • to ensure the school’s financial stability and its capability for long-term business operations while continuously raising its quality of instruction and standards. 

The several years of recession in Croatia, the loss of jobs, and the general decline in living standards have inevitably had consequences, including a loss of confidence in the value of a higher education. However, this fact, and the general economic situation, have not lessened the ambitions of Effectus and its dedication to achieving its goals. During this time, Effectus has continuously increased the number of registered students, demonstrating that the school is recognized as an institution that has successfully withstood the recession in the Croatian economy. The key factor of that success has been the commitment of Effectus to quality and excellence and its unwavering dedication to achieving its goals.

Based on the previously described first phase (the start-up, building and growth of  a higher education institution), the new Strategic Framework for 2016-2020 has now been adopted. This second phase emphasizes the need to continue to move in the directions that were laid out earlier and to adopt a strategic orientation for further development and growth, advancement, and expanding opportunities. This phase will be a period of challenges and Effectus is prepared to respond to them.

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