About Effectus

EFFECTUS University College for Law and Finance was founded pursuant to the Contract of Foundation of January 17, 2008.

In May 2010., upon completion of the legally required procedure, EFFECTUS obtained its license to carry out the undergraduate professional study Finance and Law and the professional master study of Financial Management, as well as the approval for enrollment of the first generation of students.   

In the academic year of 2012/2013. EFFECTUS was successfully subjected to the procedure of re-accreditation carried out by the Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education. According to the result of the re-accreditation procedure (an impartial assessment procedure) EFFECTUS has mainly or completely implemented all seven mandatory quality standards. The report of the international panel and its positive recommendation to the Minister stands as clear proof that, when it comes to quality standards, EFFECTUS is the fastest growing higher education institution in the country. This is a remarkable achievement, made within only three years after the first generation of students was enrolled.  


In today’s society lifelong education has become a necessity. An increasing number of organizations have become aware that learning and knowledge are the main ingredients without which they cannot survive in the future. Knowledge becomes more obsolete more quickly than ever before and it’s necessary to update it constantly. Investment in the development of knowledge throughout our lifetimes is necessary for advancement of individuals, the economy, and society as a whole. 

With this goal in mind, EFFECTUS offers a wide selection of programs for training and improvement with which you can maintain your competitive advantage on the job market.


Classrooms are equipped with modern equipment and teaching aids, and fully adapted to the needs of students, teachers and associates.


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