Student Internships

The program for student internships is an important part of professional education that allows students to acquire practical skills. Internships are a mandatory and inherent part of the curriculum at the undergraduate level and are equal to other subjects in the curriculum

Through the mandatory professional internship students can:

  • Acquire work experience in a dynamic business environment
  • Learn about the obligations and challenges that worker may face
  • Are given the opportunity to apply the knowledge that they have acquired and learn how these theoretical concepts work in practice
  • Give employers an impression of their potential as employees by achieving strong results 

Through intensive communication and feedback from employers and student Effectus can make continual changes to the curriculum, replacing old and unnecessary content so that students will acquire only the latest knowledge.

Internships are designed on a 6 x 4 x 6 principle, which means that during the last semester students will work in an internship for six hours per week, for four days per week, and the internship lasts for a total of six weeks. 

Before students can be referred for an internship, they must complete preparatory activities in accordance with the rules of Effectus and the instructions of the organization providing that internship.

The course “Student Internship” is an integral part of a student’s academic training that is connected to the writing of the graduation thesis. During the internship, students will gather the practical knowledge that can later be sued in the thesis. The people who provide the internship are frequently included in the drafting of the thesis either as mentors or as members of the committee for defense of a thesis

If you wish to participate in the internship as an employer, please contact us.

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