Effectus and Employers

There is no theory without practice and no practice without theory. Starting from this maxim, EFFECTUS is trying to infuse its instructional program with practical examples and cooperation with the business community.

The active inclusion of employers in the educational process of EFFECTUS encourages the  following activities: 

  • Student Internship Program in which a student acquires the knowledge, skills, and ability to overcome the challenges in the real world of business
  • Mentoring of final and specialist works.  Final and specialist works are written proof of the ability of students to apply what they have learned to the practical task of problem solving.
  • Guest lecturers. We provide an opportunity for employers to share their experiences with their potential employees, but this is also an opportunity for them to get feedback about what students expect from an employer.
  • Participation in activities organized by EFFECTUS. Employers actively participate in our activities, such as student debates and the Effectus forum, with the goal of intensifying communication and stating their positions on relevant social phenomena and commuications with the media.

We hope that you can see yourself in one of these activites. If you want to join in one of the them, more information is available at referada@vsfp.eu

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