Student Mobility

Through the Erasmus+ program, Effectus students can achieve mobility via a study visit to one of our partner institutions abroad and by a professional internship in a company that the student selects.

To become a part of this mobility program, Effectus students can register twice a year for a competition for study and/or a professional internship. After the competition is closed, the Committee for International Cooperation will rank the registered candidates based upon the criteria of the competition. Depending on the results and available resources, students can achieve mobility with the financial support of Effectus or as zero-grant students (students without financial support). Financial support is defined as a monthly amount for an individual country based on the level of its cost of living.


Study visit

All full-time and part-time students who are in their second year of study and who have 60 ECTS points can register for the competition for a study visit. 

Mobility can last at least 3 months and at most 12 months. As a rule, the length of a study visit is one academic semester, but the exact length depends on the institution that the student has selected for mobility. A list of partner institutions for each level of study is available in the Indoeduce system.

Before departure on a study visit, students sign a Learning Agreement that establishes the subjects that the student will take. As part of the mobility, students register for courses at the partner institution worth 30 ECTS points, in which the courses that the student takes will be recognized by Effectus in accordance with the Rules for Student Mobility.

Students are required to have the appropriate health insurance.

Upon returning, students are required to present a copy of their grades and a final report to the Office of International Cooperation as proof of their participation in mobility (EU questionnaire).


Professional internship

All full-time and part-time students regardless of their year of study can register for register for the competition for a professional internship. Students can also register for a professional internship for a one-year period after their graduation from Effectus.

A professional internship can last at least 2 months and at most 12 months. The length of the internship is set by the employer who is providing the internship in agreement with the student and Effectus.

Before departing for an internship, the student will complete a Traineeship Agreement that establishes a plan for the internship, the job that the student will fill, an activity plan that the student will carry out, and the method of evaluating the internship. Before departure, the student is responsible for obtaining the appropriate insurance (heath, liability, and accident).

Upon returning, students are required to submit to the Office of International Cooperation a report from the employer about the internship and a final report as proof of the completed internship (EU questionnaire). Based on the documents that the student submits and the Rules for Student Mobility, will be recognized in an addendum to the diploma.


Documents for download:

Rules for Student Mobility

Registration form for study and professional internships

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