Do you thinking of your child becoming a highly educated professional in the field of finance and law to ensure their future?


Dear Parents,

University study is one of the most important periods in the life of all young people, and we are prepared to assist them and you to reach a truly objective decision.

What Effectus offers – the study of finance and law

Effectus University College provides successful and high quality undergraduate study  in finance and law and specialized study of management and finance, which ensures your child, and our student of: 

  1. Two-in-one: a knowledge of law and economics joined in a single interdisciplinary course of study.
  2.  A higher education: academic and modern professional knowledge of finance and law by instruction in a three-year and then a continuation in a two-year course of study (a total of 300 ECTS), which opens the opportunities for quick employment.
  3. A future and a career: 99% of our students are quickly employed upon completion of their studies, and they advance quickly and have higher incomes.
  4. Learning from professionals: guest lecturers and instructors with international and local academic educations and exceptional practical experience.
  5. Promised knowledge: proven through a program based on the practical application of acquired knowledge and on concrete results of learning.
  6. Internships: organized with mentoring in successful private and public, domestic and foreign companies and institutions.
  7. A semester abroad: an ideal opportunity for study in different surroundings characterized by a multicultural atmosphere and new acquaintances.
  8. A course of study whose quality has been ranked by the Council for Accreditation as among the top three in Croatia.
  9. Being and staying connected: lasting friendships with colleagues – personal and business for the rest of their lives.
  10. Long weekends: courses are held from Monday to Thursday.


Dear Parents,

We would be pleased if your children continue their education as a student of Effectus, and that we can participate with you in the next several years in their upbringing and education and in the development of the abilities.

Schedule a meeting with a counselor for registration for more information about studying at Effectus and to learn about our teaching methods and processes.


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