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Welcome to Effectus University College, a modern, dynamic school that combines two complementary fields: finance and law.
Since its establishment in 2008, Effectus has become the leading higher education institution in Croatia and the region. With the high standard that it has set, Effectus is committed to providing the essential knowledge and skills that students require to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

Effectus conducts two courses of study:

Undergraduate study in finance and law

Duration: 3 academic year, 6 semesters

ECTS points: 180

Professional title: Professional first degree  (baccalaureate) in economics

Method of study: full-time and part-time

Continuation of training: specialized professional graduate study worth an additional 120 ECTS points.

With successful completion of the curriculum, student will have acquired basic knowledge in the fields of finance, commerce, civil and financial law, financial mathematics, statistical analysis, applied information technology, business communication, and the use of business information. In addition, the required student internship will enable students to be competitive in the labor market, both in Croatia and abroad. The skills that acquired with the completion of study will allow students to perform jobs not only in the private sector but also in the public sector.

The instructional plan and program are available here.

Specialized professional graduate study in Management and Finance

Duration: 2 academic years, 4 semesters

ECTS points: 120

Professional title: Specialist in Management and Finance

Method of study: full-time and part-time

This course of study ensures that students acquire specialist knowledge in finance through which they will become competent in modern analytical techniques and new skills based on daily financial decision making, and that they become more effective in all areas of the field of finance. Upon completion of this program, students will be able to carry out work in both the economic and public sectors, such as financial planning and management, investment planning, management of money and securities, credit advising in banks, management of corporate finances, and risk management. They will gain competence in managing accounting responsibilities in companies, in resolving financial problems, and in managing investment and retirement funds. Students who complete this program will also be capable of working in the field of public finance and tax, i.e. tax policy.

The instructional plan and program are available here.

Tuition and Scholarships

When registering for the study of finance and law, the student and Effectus conclude a contract on the course of study. This contract establishes the mutual rights and obligations of the contracting parties. The student’s obligations are to pay the cost of registration (the registration fee) and the annual tuition. The registration fee and tuition can be paid by bank transfer or by payment in cash to the giro account of Effectus, by a Diners Club credit card or Diners Club consumer credit, by other credit or debit cards, and by other types of consumer credit.

The amount of tuition depends on the type and model of payment. Upon registration (when signing the contract), the student selects the type and model of payment. The model of payment is established in the Contract on the Course of Study.

Models of payment and the amount of the annual tuition for undergraduate study of finance and law

Models of payment and the amount of the annual tuition for specialized graduate study in management and finance

Every year Effectus awards the Dean’s Prize in the form of a scholarship to the most successful students from the previous from the previous academic year according to certain prescribe conditions.

What is it like to be an Effectus student?

Our students have at their disposal everything that they need for study: comfortable lecture halls, modern IT learning areas, an extensive library, internships, an employment and career development service, foreign language study, socializing, and athletic activities.

Instruction takes place four days a week – from Monday through Thursday. For full-time students instruction is scheduled in the morning, and for part-time students it is in the afternoon. 

Small groups of students and interactive instruction – characteristics of the excellence of Effectus.

At Effectus students have easy access to their instructors and assistants, and the student support desk is at their disposal for the entire day.

Students also have the opportunity to go abroad for an exchange semester, which is an ideal combination of education, acquiring additional skills and competences, fun, travel, new acquaintances and friendships, and culture.

Effectus is located at John F. Kennedy Square 2, one of the most easy-to-reach areas of Zagreb, with guaranteed parking for students and faculty.

Student activities

To give greater satisfaction to our students and to encourage quality, our task in the provide studentw with the opportunity to participated in activities both within and outside of the school.

Some of our student activities that we have successfully carried out are:

Student Council

Student Trips

International Exchanges

Student Internships

Effectus, in addition to a high-quality higher education, also offers:

  • preparation for high school graduation and entrance examinations
  • practical and professional knowledge during your studies
  • awards and other inducements for success in your studies

Studying at Effectus will, of course, be an unforgettable experience for every young person.

Five reasons why you should study at Effectus:

  • Effectus has a unique interdisciplinary course of study that gives you the opportunity to obtain knowledge in two complementary fields – law and finance.
  • Become an interdisciplinary expert and increase your chances for employment, for a higher salary, and better prospects for advancement – 99% of our student are employed immediately .
  • Learn from experts and professors with proven academic and business abilities.
  • Internships as a part of your study.
  • Study without payment with a scholarship.

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