Vice Deans

Vice deans are instructors at Effectus who also perform special functions to assist the work of the dean.

The vicedeans carry out their work in the framework of a division of labor described in the Handbook on Internal Organization and based on the established areas of instructional activity at Effectus. 

The vice dean propose to the dean policies and measures to be implemented within the framework of the assignments entrusted to them and also those assignments that are assigned by the dean and/or the Professional Council. They coordinate the work of committees in the area of responsibility. They report directly to the dean.

The dean will identify which of the assistant deans will replace him/her during absences. Staff in the scientific-educational field and from the educational field can be elected as an assistant dean.

Vice deans are elected for a four-year term. The same person can be elected vice dean several times. Vice deans are elected or dismissed individually by the Professional Council at the suggestion of the dean but a majority vote of all members of the council. The method for electing vice deans is decided by the Professional Council of the dean.


Vice Dean for Academic Affairs:  Aljoša Šestanović, Ph.D.

Vice Dean for Professional and Scientific Activities: Vedran Ceranić, mag.iur. et pol. 

Vice Dean for International Cooperation: Mira Lenardić, Ph.D.

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