Healthcare Systems Manager - Compentences

Skills acquired upon completion of the program

Upon completing the program students will be able to:

  • analyze micro and macro aspects of the economics of healthcare systems
  • measure the effectiveness and outcomes of health interventions
  • apply legal norms to the management processes of healthcare systems
  • apply the guidelines of healthcare policies that define the goals of management processes in a healthcare system
  • apply the norms of the legal framework that determines the methods and processes of managing a healthcare system
  • analyze current financial reports and to use information from accounting data to make business decisions
  • recognize the importance of the influence of obligations of public contributions on the operations of facilities
  • apply the methods and tools necessary for managing a healthcare system and its human resources at all levesls
  • create the knowledge for the construction of a system of nonmaterial compensatory management
  • apply the methods of managing business risk to healthcare
  • use the basic rules of workplace safety
  • correctly communicate and use presentation skills with the foreign and domestic public
  • draft a basic feasibility study in the field of pharmacoeconomics
  • create added value by the use of technology in the field of healthcare

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