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Professional Training Program – Healthcare Systems Manager

Name of Program: Professional Training Program for Healthcare Systems Manager

In the Croatian healthcare system there are more than 100 healthcare facilities – health centers, general hospitals, special hospitals, clinical hospitals, clinical hospital centers, public health institutes, government institutes, and pharmacies. Acquiring skills and practical knowledge is necessary for effective management of such a large system. Healthcare systems are an essential segment of the economy and generate the development of many other branches of the economy .

In the past, education for managers for the healthcare system was not very common, and it had a limited scope and was lacking in educational content. The professional training program for healthcare system managers is one of the key priorities of the Croatian Association of Healthcare System Employers (AHSE).

The partnership between Effectus and AHSE is an enhanced education program that AHSE had earlier created for the needs of its own membership. Now conceived as a formal lifelong education program, it provides students (who work in the healthcare sector) course content areas that are important to them, such as business decision making and management, human resources management, financial reporting, liability insurance, etc. 

The program is designed to train and educate students in effective business management in healthcare facilities of various types and at a variety of levels. In this way, students acquire theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for managing the organization of a healthcare system. They also acquire the ability of independent decision making and of selecting the best alternatives. In addition, the course content broadens the knowledge of the students in managing human resources, in financial management, in communications management, and in individual new areas  of medicine and health, such as pharmacoeconomics.

The basic goals of this lifelong education program are the provide the practical skills and knowledge as managers, or as participants in the management of, healthcare facilities, health insurance organizations, or of healthcare administration at any level.

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