Finance and Law - Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes of the Professional Law and Finance Study represent the operationalization of competences through activities that are measurable and visible. The outcomes describe the main achievements, and the students are expected to be trained:

  1. To describe the nature, legal and institutional framework and key elements of the business environment.
  2. To collect, organize and interpret the financial and other business information and data.
  3. To make business analyses of a lower degree of complexity.
  4. To apply basic principles, rules and strategies for accounting, financial management and financial planning in situations of lower complexity based on available data.
  5. To explain the structure, mechanisms and rules of management of companies and other different forms of economic subjects.
  6. To analyse facts and draw conclusions in legal situations of a lower degree of complexity, using legal sources, jurisprudence and textbooks, scientific and professional papers in the field of law.
  7. To analyse legal rules and legal solutions related to business management.
  8. To interpret valid legal rules that are appropriate for solving problems in the business area of ​​companies and other business entities.
  9. To create decisions, solutions, contracts and other types of written acts of a lower degree of complexity, in Croatian and English, in accordance with the law.
  10. To communicate with internal and external stakeholders, verbally and / or in writing through economic-financial and legal processes and phenomena.
  11. To apply basic analytical skills in making business decisions.
  12. To provide independent, logical, economically rational and legitimate decisions by adhering to the prescribed procedures and guidelines and general economic principles.

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