Finance and Law - Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

  1. Determine the nature of the environment in which finance and financial instruments operate;
  2. Describe the institutional framework necessary for the understanding of the role and functions of the financial markets and financial institutions;
  3. Describe the main theories that are used in the field of corporate finance and apply them in simple situations of complexity with the help of the data obtained;
  4. Apply basic rules of financial management, accounting principles and accounts receivable management;
  5. Use the rules of the legal system and discuss legal solutions concerning the area of financial operations and financial management;
  6. Explain the impact of relevant areas of law in different areas of financial operations;
  7. Interpret and apply the valid legal rules appropriate to problem-solving in the field of financial systems;
  8. Analyze and distinguish the key elements of the legal and institutional framework of business entities;
  9. Analyze the structure and relationships of different forms of entities operating in the areas of finance and financial management;
  10. Explain the structure and mechanisms of corporate governance and explain the strategy of financial planning decisions interpreting the sources of financing, capital structure and methods of pricing of corporate securities;
  11. Gather clear financial information;
  12. Organize a clear financial information;
  13. Interpret clear financial information and carry out simple statistical and financial analysis;
  14. Analyze financial statements in terms of cash flows and the aspect of prescribed accounting policies and measures;
  15. Communicate with internal and external clients / customers, orally or in writing, and discuss financial processes and phenomena;
  16. Adhere to prescribed procedures and guidelines in dealing with routine tasks, and to make independent and logical decisions.

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