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EFFECTUS University College organizes and conducts an undergraduate professional study of Finance and Law in three (3) academic years, six (6) semesters. Upon completion of undergraduate professional study students earn 180 ECTS credits. 

The program is structured in a way which provides an answer to the growing demands imposed by the information era and the rapid development of new technologies and also to meet the needs of a wide range of market and entrepreneurial business. 

In the theoretical part of lectures, students acquire knowledge of fundamental legal acts and principles and their application and through intensive practical work checking its validity. When designing a study program of undergraduate professional study Finance and Law, starting point was the idea of making a modern educational program which follows trends and development of the profession. That approach has led to the unique study program which is a novelty in the Croatian education system, but also in the wider region. 

The aim and the purpose of program 

In recent years Croatia has an evident demand for professional profiles of managers and organizers of activities which will have to demonstrate expertise equally in the field of finance and in the field of law, as in business, in the economy, and as well in many non-economic areas (health care, culture, government, etc.). 

Since both lawyers and accounting and financial experts are expected to have knowledge of techniques and technologies in the areas of market and entrepreneurial business, the main objective and purpose of undergraduate professional study of Finance and Law is to acquire fundamental theoretical and most advanced practical and professional aspects of the performance and implementation of legal skills in the economy and economic and financial aspects of the legal system.




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