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Dear readers,

Welcome to the first issue of volume four of the Scientific Journal of Law and Finance – FIP, an interdisciplinary journal focused on research in the fields of law and finance. This issue marks our first issue in a volume with two issues per year. After significant increase in submissions and quality of papers received, we have decided to increase the number of issues per volume to two. Ultimately we would like to have four issues per volume, but we will not increase the number of issues unless we have enough of high quality papers submitted.

The increase in number of issues also means the journal production will go up and the impact of the journal will increase. Also with four years of continuing existence FIP has now met requirements for the inclusion in several scientific bases. Editorial board has already identified several important bases we wish FIP to be included in and has started an inclusion procedure. Our next focus will be to determine other appropriate bases for FIP to be included in and to start procedures to include FIP into those bases. With every new issue and with every new scientific database FIP is included; we are getting closer to our main goal: becoming a top interdisciplinary journal.

The previous issue was focused more on professional papers with high degree of application. In this issue we wanted to move back towards more scientific oriented papers with high degree of quantitative research and empirical tests.

Following a standard editorial practice of a special focus for each issue, this particular issue has the main focus on capital markets and exchanges. Capital markets are fundamental part of the modern economy. However most countries in economic transition were not able to fully integrate capital markets in their economy and use capital markets for economic development. This has created a vacuum in terms of the use and the purpose of the capital markets. Every country in transition does have a capital market exchange and participants, but the scope and effect of their existence is not clear. The economic research about capital markets in transition countries does exist, but the strong economic impact of the capital markets does not. Because of this we wanted to have a particular issue dealing with just this topic.

In this issue we also have two law papers, which is our standard practice. The papers deal with constitutional and corporate bankruptcy laws. Both papers continue the editorial commitment to both scientific researches in finance and in law.


Jelena Uzelac, dean

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