Ema Radaković, 2nd year undergraduate student in Law and Finance study, Effectus

“I would recommend all students to take advantage of this opportunity because it is a perfect combination of education, the acquisition of additional skills and competencies, entertainment, travel, new friendships, and even love.”



mr.sc. Andreja Švigir, senior lecturer on the subject Controlling, Effectus

“New experiences, new acquaintances, knowledge sharing and ultimately wonderful socializing. All of this is a part of my stay in Graz at Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft GmbH. In addition to lectures in the field of ethics and controlling, our colleagues organized a round table where we discussed the specifics and differences in studying in Croatia and Austria. “



Justyna Lewkowicz, 2nd year student of the University of Białystok, Faculty of Law, Poland

“The educational program at Effectus offers a combination of two areas: law and finances, which I consider to be excellent. As a law school student, this gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with finance, and thus acquire knowledge in finance that I will definitely need in the future. “



Aleksandra Kulikowska, 2nd year student of the University of Białystok, Faculty of Law, Poland

“I selected Effectus because it provides a very high standard of quality education. And as I like to travel, and Croatia is one of the countries from the list of my wishes, this was an ideal opportunity to visit. “



prof. Angelo Vigliansi Ferraro, professor at the University of Mediterraneo di Reggio Calabria, Faculty of Economics and Law, Italy

“This lecture sets the foundations for future academic co-operation, seeing as the Erasmus + agreement was signed simultaneously, which opens the possibilities for mutual mobility of students and teachers.”


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