Professional Council

The dean, assistant deans, and department heads are, by virtue of their positions, members of the Professional Council.

One representative of other staff is also a member of the Professional Council.

An employee’s council will nominate the employee representative. If an employee’s council has not been established, the employee representative will be elected in free and direct elections with a secret ballot, as prescribed by the Law on Labor for the election of one representative of employees.

Instructors who are employed full-time by Effectus and staff who are employed as adjunct instructors by Effectus are members of the Professional Council.

The dean can nominate two people from the ranks of instructors who are associates of Effectus and who are instructors in subjects  at a particular level of study as members of the Professional Council. With their agreement, the dean can nominate representatives of instructors who are associates of Effectus for a period of one academic year.

Students are represented on the Professional Council through their representatives, whose minimum number is set by law. Student representatives are elected for a period of two academic years.

The activities of the Professional Council include:

  • deciding on questions of education, instruction, and professional scholarly activities,
  • deciding on academic questions,
  • makes the decision on the adoption of the curriculum,
  • makes the decision on the adoption of the plan of instruction,
  • resolves student request and demands in the second instance,
  • carries out elections to the profession in accordance with the law and the Statute of Effectus,
  • analyzes and evaluates the results of instruction and scientific and professional work,
  • passes the annual plan for publishing activities,
  • reviews the annual report of the dean,
  • carries out other tasks in accordance with the law, sub-legal acts and the Statute.

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