Jelena Uzelac, dipl.iur.

2017 –

dekan03 Mira Lenardić

2014 – 2017


mr. sc. Ivan Idžojtić

2010 – 2011


dr. sc. Robert Kopal

2011 – 2014

The dean is the head of Effectus and manages its academic and instructional programs.

The dean speaks on behalf of Effectus and represents it in the academic community.

The dean has all authorities in legal matters concerning the activities of Effectus as entered in the court register, except when those authorities are limited by law, sub-legal acts, or the Statute of Effectus .

The dean carries out the duties that are established by law, sub-legal acts and the Statute of Effectus including:

  • organizing the academic-instructional program of Effectus,
  • undertaking legal action in the name of and on behalf of Effectus,
  • represents and speaks on behalf of Effectus in all procedures before courts, administrative and other bodies of the government, legal entities with public authorities, and others,
  • prepares the meetings and manages the work of and presides over the Board of Directors,
  • enacts general acts in accordance with the Statute,
  • settles in the first instance the requests and demands of students,
  • proposes to the Board of Governors the academic-instructional program and the academic-instructional development of Effectus,
  • submits to the Professional Council annual report on its work,
  • carries out the decision of the Board of Governors and the Professional Council,
  • proposes to the Board of Governors and the Professional Council new or changes and additions to the Statute and other general acts,
  • determines which people are authorized to sign documents of an administrative character,
  • enacts general acts that by law, sub-legal act, or the Statute are not under the authority of the Board of Governors or the Professional Council, and whose substance addresses questions of the academic-instructional program,
  • participates in and makes decisions in the Council of Universities and Colleges,
  • carries out other duties established by law, sub-legal acts, the Statute and other general acts,
  • responsible for implementing personnel and strategic development policies of Effectus, and
  • can organize various committees as advisory bodies and can name individuals as advisors in specific areas.

The dean is responsible to the Board of Governors and the Professional Council.

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