Board of Governors

Effectus Board of Governors

The Board of Governors carries out the following tasks set by law, sub-legal acts and the school’s Statutes:

  • establishes the development policy of Effectus ,
  • enacts the work program and development strategy of Effectus and supervises their completion,
  • responsible for the the lawfulness of Effectus operations and the rational use of material and human resources,
  • responsible for the continued growth of quality in accordance with national and international standards,
  • establishes the financial policy of Effectus  and enacts financial plans,
  • proposes changes to or expansion of activities to the founder,
  • enacts the Statute at the suggestion of the Professional Council and with the agreement of the founder,
  • reaches decisions on ensuring the individual rights of employees at the second stage ,
  • issues the Handbook on Internal Organization and other general acts from its area of responsibility,
  • designates the people who are authorized to sign financial documentation,
  • gives its consent to specific decisions of the dean, the chief executive officer and the Professional Council in accordance with the Statute, 
  • give its consent to the founders, the dean, and the chief executive officer regarding proposals and opinions about individual issues,
  • selects and dismisses the dean in accordance with the Statute,
  • carries out other tasks established by law, sub-legal acts, and the Statute.


President of the Board of Governors: Miljenko Javorović, MSc.

Members of the Board of Governors Đuro Horvat Mira Lenardić

Goran Trbojević, dipl. iur.

Domagoj Javorović, mag.iur.

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