Institutions acts

Acts of the Institution


Ethics Code

Policy on Quality  

Regulations the Course of Study

Regulations on Changes and Additions to the Regulations on the Course of Study

Regulations on Quality

Regulations on the Disciplinary Responsibilities of Students

Regulations on the Procedures for Evaluating Success of Study

Regulations on the Procedure to Improve the Curriculum

Regulations on the Procedure for Evaluating the Curriculum

Regulations on the Organization of Departments

Regulations on Conditions and Procedures for Election to Scientific Titles

Regulations on Holding Student Elections

Regulations on Training of Non-Instructional Staff

Decision on Evaluating Learning Outcomes

Decision on the Organization of Departments, the Schedule of Study Disciplines by Department, and the Schedule of Membership


Instruction on Student Obligations, the Process of Registering and Sitting for Examinations 

Laws and other regulations

Law on Scientific Activity and Higher Education

Law on Academic and Professional Titles and Academic Degrees

Law on Ensuring Quality in Science and Higher Education

Law on Recognizing Foreign Educational Qualifications

Regulations on Diplomas and Supplementary Study Documents

Law on the Croatian Qualifications Framework


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