Re-accreditation is the process of external quality assurance that is based on the Law. Re-accreditation is carried out by the Agency for Science and Higher Education in cooperation with international reviewers. It is a mechanism for verifying the competence and credibility of higher education qualifications, ensuring quality and providing evidence to the students and the public of the quality of a higher education institution or program.

The quality assessment made through the process of re-accreditation is based on the seven standards contained in document The Criteria for Quality Assessment of Polytechnics and Colleges. Each standard is assessed at the following stage of implementation: not implemented, at the initial implementation stage, partially implemented, mainly implemented, fully implemented, while the established standards and criteria and the explanation related to the quality assessment are described in detail in the report of the expert commission.

EFFECTUS – University College for Law and Finance conducted and, according to the results of re-accreditation (objective evaluation process), has implemented, mainly implemented or fully implemented all seven prescribed quality standards.

The report of the International Commission, the positive recommendation to the Minister and the Minister’s confirmation of the fulfilment of the conditions for performing the activity is a clear proof that EFFECTUS, when it comes to quality standards, is the fastest growing University College in the country. This is an exceptional accomplishment achieved in just three years since enrolment of the first generation of students.

The results of the re-accreditation confirm that EFFECTUS is permanently committed to the achievement of national and international quality standards in higher education. The commitment to quality culture comes from the Mission, Vision and Strategic Framework of EFFECTUS and the way they are realized.


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