About Center

Fundamental objectives of the Center

The Career Development and Student Support Center is established as a separate organizational unit of the School with the aim of developing and improving the professional development of students, increasing the employability and competitiveness of students and their linking to the labor market, and facilitating transition from the University College to the business environment.

These goals will be achieved through the system of functional procedures of professional guidance of students, development of professional practice, establishing contacts with the Alumni of the University College, additional education and workshops, support for more effective study, counselling and providing other forms of assistance related to career development and personal skills of students.


The target groups of the Center are:

  • Students
  • Alumni
  • Employers and other representatives of the business community
  • University College Staff


Activities of the Center are:

  • Individual counseling when making decisions relevant to career development
  • Professional routing (identifying goals, options, interests, values ​​and skills)
  • Knowing the possibilities of further education and opportunities in the labor market
  • Networking of employers, alumni and students
  • Improving the quality of professional practice as a compulsory part of the study program by developing a learning model through work
  • Making recommendations to students
  • Creation of cooperation and partnership of the Center with employers
  • Providing support to students through counseling and guidance
  • Educational workshops – writing CVs, motivational letters, inquiries, interviewing and testing simulations, business communication
  • Counseling and support to students in the development of academic and life skills
  • Support to diverse student populations (older students, foreign students, underrepresented and vulnerable groups of students and students with learning difficulties and mastering materials)
  • Establishment and coordination of Alumni Club’s work

Evaluation of the work of the Center is carried out by a system of collecting feedback from students on the satisfaction of the expert support provided at the School, by collecting feedback from users of counseling and support services and records of the services provided by the Center.

Head of the Center: dr. sc. Katarina Sokić

E-mail: ksokic@vsfp.eu

Available to students: Mondays from 15.00 to 17.00 and Wednesdays from 12.00 to 14.00 hours or according to previous agreement at ksokic@vsfp.eu.


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