Law and Management of Real Estate - About Study

Name: Masters degree Law and Management of Real Estate

Holder of the Study: European Faculty of Law / Nova Univerza

Type: Masters degree

Duration: 2 Academic Years, 4 Semesters

ECTS: 120

Conditions of Enrolment: Graduate degree at EFFECTUS

Location: Zagreb/Ljubljana

Web page: LINK

On the basis of the Agreement signed by EFFECTUS with the European Law Faculty / Nova Univerza Ljubljana (Republic of Slovenia), a student who has graduated at EFFECTUS in the specialized degree study program Finance Management or at a specialist graduate professional study program Business Management – MBA has the right to enroll and attend the so-called differential module (5 or 7 subjects) and after defending the Master’s degree (expected within one academic year) acquires the qualification of a Master of Law and Management of Real Estate in accordance with the relevant law of the Republic of Slovenia, recognized in the Republic of Croatia for employment purposes.


The study is conducted by the European Law Faculty from Ljubljana, with the logistical and business support of EFFECTUS.


The student who has acquired the title Master of Law and Management of Real Estate will have the skills and knowledge to effectively and professionally conduct and conduct legal affairs in the field of real estate management, real estate investments, capital investments, real estate projects and strategic decision making in relation to real estate. The overall legal education provides the student for legal and other occupations related to real estate and at the same time allows him / her to continue academic or scientific research work.

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