Effectus University College is committed to achieving national and international norms and standards of quality in higher education and business. This commitment springs from its Mission, Vision, Strategic Framework and the way in which these objectives have been achieved. By adopting a Policy of Quality, Effectus has pledged itself to manage a system of quality with continuous improvements and expansion until it reaches its final goal – the establishment of a Culture of Quality.

The responsible body for the system to ensure quality at Effectus is the Committee for Quality. The committee acts in coordination with other departments of the school, but it is primarily responsible for ensuring and improving quality in all areas of the school’s operations. It unites and coordinates all activities related to quality, and it has the freedom to adapt the system of quality to meet the needs of the institution. In its work the committee applies in an appropriate manner regulations from the special Handbook on the System of Quality.

In October 2015, Effectus was awarded the  ISO 29990:2010 Certificate, the international standard for learning services in non-formal education. The scope of the standard includes providing education services in university colleges, in business and professional education, and the organization of seminars and workshops in accordance with the requirements of that standard. In addition, the standard improves the quality of the administrative system, and it is also a tool for  managing processes, controls, resources,  finances and risk.

Only 19 institutions in Europe have the ISO 29990:2010 Certificate. Effectus is the only school in this region that is aligned to the ISO 29990:2010 standard. By receiving this certificate, Effectus has been ranked at the very top of educational institutions in Europe, and it has once again confirmed its own quality and excellence.

The ways in which Effectus ensures quality can be found in documents here.

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