Vision, Role and Key Values


To become a unique institution of higher education that innovatively links finance, law and other fields of business education, respects the principles of excellence and transforms students into leaders that contribute to the development of the economy and society as a whole.


To provide and convey to each person, through an individualized approach, the contemporary and applicable knowledge and skills required in the market that enable professional development, independence and personal growth.


The experience EFFECTUS provides is based on three key values


The key values ​​of EFFECTUS are manifested through the culture of behavior, communication and developing relationships.

An approach based on key values makes EFFECTUS an educational institution that creates a stimulating environment, builds self-confidence, and opens up opportunities for every participant.

The primary activity of EFFECTUS is the higher education. However, EFFECTUS is deeply aware of the social role of education and the fact that education is not just a purpose or a consequence of itself.

EFFECTUS is of the view that education is an investment and as such is a cause that is further created and advanced. Precisely because EFFECTUS does not perceive education as its sole purpose, its key values ​​lay the foundations for understanding the true extensiveness of education.

In building relationships, dedication means care for each person’s needs, respecting individual needs and dedication to work.

Balance means a steady relationship between theoretical knowledge and practically applicable skills (“no theory without practice, no practice without theory”), a balanced relationship between the business world and the academic world, and a balanced relationship of appreciation of individual needs and respect of imposed rules.

Every person at EFFECTUS strives to be specific and focused on effectively doing their job, seeking to develop relationships and a motivating environment that stimulates progressiveness and encourages detection and fulfillment of their own potential. This is orientation to results.

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