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Dear visitors,

Welcome to the EFFECTUS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE FOR LAW AND FINANCE WEBSITE. We believe that you will find plenty of useful information on our site to help you to never stop learning, working on yourself, and improving yourself by acquiring new knowledge and skills.

In just a few years of existence, EFFECTUS has succeeded in distinguishing itself by its study programs, valuable teachers and associates, motivated students, mission and vision and becoming one of the top 3 private university colleges in Croatia.

Aware that today’s dynamic business environment requires professionals who are trained to anticipate and monitor permanent changes and create concrete solutions to problems in practice, our study programs combine teaching subjects from the field of law and finance into unique study packages, both undergraduate and graduate level, but also as part of the Lifelong Learning Program. In this way we enable our students to acquire modern and highly specialized knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for direct involvement in the labor market.

The times we live in are turbulent and filled with insecurity, and often a man is a man’s greatest enemy. Numerous traditional occupations that have been taught by older generations no longer exist or are no longer required, and new occupations require new knowledge and permanent self-improvement. New knowledge and competitiveness on the labor market is exactly what EFFECTUS offers. Working in small groups, interactive way of teaching, motivation for learning, encouraging creativity, building an individual immediate relationship in order to grow into responsible and quality educated professionals, we prepare our students for work in public administration jobs and the private sector requiring specific economic and legal knowledge.

Searching our pages, you can find out about our study programs as well as lifelong learning programs, study opportunities and services we offer, publishing, international co-operation, study opportunities abroad and about our teachers, associates and non-teaching staff who are always at your disposal. Therefore, if you are looking for a unique integrated educational experience that will acquire the knowledge and skills needed for success in the modern business world, EFFECTUS is your first and only choice.


Jelena Uzelac, LLM, Dean


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