Masters in Business Administration - MBA course of study: Human Resources and Knowledge Management - Competences

Upon completion of the MBA – HUMAN RESOURCES AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT, students will be able to:

  • Implement modern principles and the general theoretical knowledge from the area of managing human potential;
  • Analyze the regulatory framework for the functioning of the labor market with an emphasis on employment policy and its various activities and programs;
  • Independently make complex decisions on managing human potential in an organization on the basis of synthesizing the diversity of people within the organization;
  • On the basis of the various styles of leadership and an understanding of the role of leadership, devise solutions for decision making in an organizational environment with the goal of successful management of the organization;
  • Select the most appropriate approaches, models, procedures, and tools as the optimal basis for making decisions and the implementation of quality solutions in a concrete organizational context of managing human potential;
  • Evaluate the influence of the fundamental factors of organizational culture on organizational behavior;
  • Analyze the fundamental concepts, approaches, and methods that are used in the psychology of the organization and work;
  • Integrate the knowledge and skills of managing human potential in a broader organizational context, in the process of managing an organization, in the process of organizational changes, and in achieving the basic goals of the organization.

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