Masters in Business Administration - MBA course of study: Taxes and Corporate Law - Competences

Upon completing the MBA course for Taxes and Corporate Law, students will be able to:

  • Link knowledge from the relevant field of law with financial operations,
  • Logically connect elements of the tax system, the methods of monitoring the costs of taxes and other expenditures in regard to laws whose goal is to gather resources to finance the public sector,
  • Link knowledge necessary for understanding the role and function of financial institutions in the unpredictable conditions of market competition,
  • Analyze the regulatory framework for market competition and the manifestations that can lead to a violation of the laws on market competition and the roles of regulators,
  • Interpret the legal sources of bankruptcy and tort law,
  • Analyze the assumptions, the methods of initiating, and the course of bankruptcy proceedings and the procedures for establishing liability for damages,
  • Analyze the basic forms, characteristics, and consequences of the economic linkage of society, in which societies, as well as the fundamental forms, characteristics, and consequences of specific statutory changes of commercial companies, remain legally independent,
  • Analyze the criminal law framework (positive legal regulations) that identify illegal actions in business operation, and which are manifested through economic crimes and misdemeanors, the main methods and characteristics of committing crimes in business, the essence and consequences of several primary manifestations of economic crime.

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