Masters in Business Administration - MBA course of study: Financial Managment - Learning outcomes


  • Analyze the key elements of the legal and institutional framework in which management operates;
  • Analyze the business environment with an objective to properly formulate, implement and enforce defined business strategy;
  • Critical view of the defined business policies in order to develop the ability to respond to changing strategies, in accordance with the changes in the environment;
  • Take responsibility for making strategic decisions in terms of the practical application of specific principles of managing different types of business risks (tax risks, risks of liability for damages, investment risks, market risks);
  • Managing the processes of co-operation, control and monitoring of various forms of entities operating in the processes of business management;
  • Adhere to the prescribed procedures and guidelines in dealing with complex tasks, and making a strategic decisions on that grounds;
  • Analyze financial statements in the conditions of uncertainty as a basis for making the right decisions in order to increase profitability;
  • In terms of corporate governance and in conditions of uncertainty making the right financial decisions based on the data from financial statements;
  • Lead developing activities in all phases (from finance, development until the end) of the investment project;
  • Critically evaluate the positioning of company with marketing aspects in order to create conditions for increasing competitiveness;
  • Apply modern principles of human resources management, with the aim to choose and employ persons who possess relevant general and specific knowledge and experience, to ensure the growth and implementation of defined development strategy.


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