Masters in Business Administration - MBA course of study: Financial Managment - Competences

Upon completing their MBA studies in the module Financial Management, graduates will be able to:

  • Apply the more complex instruments of financial management
  • Link knowledge from the relevant field of law with financial operations
  • Logically connect elements of the tax system, the methods of monitoring the costs of taxes and other expenditures in regard to laws whose goal is to gather resources to finance the public sector
  • Critically evaluate key elements and the nature of the environment in which financial activities and financial instrument are operating
  • Critically evaluate all types of financial and audit reports to increase the profitability of business operations
  • Interpret complex financial data gathered from a large number of sources by using complex methods and instruments of financial analysis
  • Link knowledge necessary for understanding the role and function of financial institutions in unforeseen conditions of market competition
  • State positions and decisions in connection with investment projects and financial policy
  • Analyze the methods in which monetary policy influences the economic behavior of individual participants in the economy

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